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How I helped My Dad Walk to First Base When He Couldn’t (Mighty Mouse Comes To The Rescue)


Dr. Christine Silverstein explains how she works with clients as a peak performance coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and RN to assist them in reaching their ideal performances in the areas of academics, athletics, business, performing arts and health. Her endearing and inspirational personal story, growing up in Queens, NY, is discussed and how she learned to become “Mighty Mouse” and trained to win skating races by using Mind Power at age 10. She speaks about how her father, an athletic director, taught her about sports, although she was not privy to play them as a girl. Years later, as a professional, Dr. Silverstein took the same baseball skills she learned from him to show her dad how to walk again when he thought he was paralyzed.


Call Me Crazy (But I Believe In the Power of Your Mind To Reach Your Peak Performance)


Dr. Christine Silverstein, RN, peak performance coach and clinical hypnotherapist explains how you can reach your peak performance in any activity through the wonderful power of your mind. What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.


Mind-Body Healing Program (Operation Heal)


Dr. Christine Silverstein, peak performance wellness coach and registered nurse, describes her perioperative program that promotes rapid recovery from surgery without the use of addictive drugs. She speaks about her personal post-op challenges and how she overcame them with hypnosis, as well as how she aided her husband and young client to heal, using MindPower after surgical efforts alone failed.


Winning Ways For Teens (Mind Power for Success)


Dr. Christine Silverstein, a professional peak performance coach, discusses how she works with teenagers, based on the rapid growth and development of the adolescent brain. By using her innovative, whole-brained approach, she shows teenagers how to use Mindful Toughness skills, such as self-hypnosis, mental rehearsal, and mental recall to win. In the video, Dr. Silverstein also speaks directly with parents about ways they can help their teens to help themselves to succeed into adulthood.


Use Your Mind Power to Achieve Your Life Goals (Through Self-Hypnosis)


Learn how to achieve success in all areas of your life by using the power of your subconscious mind. Dr. Christine M. Silverstein describes a whole-brained approach to mental preparedness that uses self-hypnosis to “get in the zone” and cognitive behavioral methods to direct the conscious mind to focus and win through positive self-talk. Using props and imagery as symbolic representations, she demonstrates that the subconscious mind is playful and shows how one can release negative traumas from the past to win in the present moment. Examples as diverse as fertility enhancement and improved sports performance are presented.


Natural Fertility Coaching (The Mind-Body Connection)


In a TV interview, Dr. Christine M. Silverstein describes her program for aiding women in achieving their fertility goals. The video is comprehensive, informative, and entertaining, as well. It reflects her personal and professional experience as a peak performance coach and Registered Nurse. She describes how she overcame her own infertility diagnosis and used MindPower through fertility consciousness to attain success by birthing four healthy children after four miscarriages. She invites you to join her as she explores this important topic on your fertility journey.


How Nurses can Improve Peak Performances in a COVID-19 World (Through the Lens of Nursing History)


During this 45-minute Keynote Address that was pre-recorded for the 58th World Advanced Nursing and Nursing Practice Congress on August 16, 2021, Dr. Christine Silverstein, a Peak Performance Coach, RN, and historian, takes an in-depth look back at pivotal events in nursing history that transpired during its foundational development in the 19th and 20th centuries. She examines the works of two great transformational leaders, Florence Nightingale and Hildegard Peplau, who laid the time-honored principles of facts, science, and caring and interpersonal relations for nursing in the 21st century. A verbal social documentary is presented that vividly describes the conditions and state of mind of nurses during the pandemic. Through the use of imagery and a feedback loop analysis, Dr. Silverstein explores what can be learned from the COVID-19 crisis. She demonstrates, within the microcosm of NYC and Washington DC, how these learnings can be applied today to uphold nursing’s standards of care and to promote the mental health of nurses, holistically, in body, mind, and spirit, through science and MindPower. Using the skill of “imagineering,” she explains how nurses can develop hands-on coping strategies to de-stress and use peak performance tools geared towards wellness worldwide.


How To Have The Baby of Your Dreams Through Fertility Enhancement Coaching (Fertile Body Method)