The American Opioid Crisis – A 21st Century Plague

By Dr. Christine Silverstein


This photo appeared in: Newsweek Magazine: How the VA Fueled the National Opioid Crisis and Is Killing Thousands of Veterans – By Art Levine On 10/12/17


The American opioid crisis has reached epidemic proportions, killing thousands each year. This has devastated many families and has decreased the lifespan of our children, since so many are dying young from overdoses. How did the US become the largest consumer of opioids in the world? What are the historical underpinnings that created this 21st century plague? How can we stem the tide to assure health and wellness and peace of mind for us and our families without the use of harmful drugs that were and still are being promoted by Big Pharma, Medicine, insurance companies, and the FDA?

The series of radio interviews on the American opioid crisis below were conducted by Dr. Christine Silverstein, published historian, peak performance coach, registered nurse, and clinical hypnotherapist. Using the radio as a medium to broadcast her message, Dr. Silverstein explores the history of the American opioid crisis through a biopsychosocial lens. Some questions posed are: How did the crisis start? How was it promoted and marketed legally? How did the change of narrative negatively impact the way Americans view pain? How did America become duped by this narrative and why? How did prescribing opioid abuse legally become a plague? What can be done to stem the tide and to prevent opioid crises in the future through the use of drug-free Mind-Body methods, such as Operation Heal?

All interviews on the opioid crisis and on programs and videos offered at The Summit Center for Ideal Performance, such as Operation Heal and Winning Ways for Teens can be accessed on this website,,, and on Dr. Silverstein’s Facebook Pages: Fertility Enhancement Coaching and The Summit Center for Ideal Performance.

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