Academic Excellence – Do I Pass The Test?

The Need

Are you meeting your academic goals? Do you pass the test? If not, why not?

You are smart. You can no longer cover up this fact by performing below your standards of excellence.

You understand the material for the exam. You prepare for the test, and when you are “put to the test,” you freeze on the big exams in physics, the professional exams, like in med school, nursing school, law school, or the SATs.

The thing you have been most consistent about in test-taking is having the fear that you may not pass – you will not get the score you believe you deserve. The major challenge becomes “How do I pass this test?” rather than “How do I ace this test?”

You have lapses in memory during the exam. You may even have physical clues that you do not feel great, like butterflies in the stomach or a wandering mind…when the minutes are clicking by. The exam is coming to an end, and you have not yet finished. You scurry to complete the questions, but it is not your ideal performance. You panic, because you know: “He who hesitates is lost.”

The only memories you seem to bring into the test room are your past failures. You make sure you remember them!

You have challenges with studying for the exams. It is sometimes difficult to focus or to concentrate on the subject matter. Your mind wanders to other more important things – or not so important things.

This exam could make or break your career or your chances of getting into the college of your choice. You know it. You are really smart enough to know it, but where do you begin to begin?

You can do better and can do more, but you have no idea where to start!

Our Program

Our program, Do I Pass the Test?, has guided many students and professionals to achieve academic excellence. Choose to FOCUS on your INDIVIDUAL needs TODAY at THE SUMMIT CENTER.

You will LEARN:

  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Focusing Techniques
  • EFFICIENT Study Skills
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Mental Recall
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Auto-Hypnosis

Our Tutoring Services

Dr. Jeffrey L. Silverstein provides tutoring services for SAT/ACT math, all high school math, chemistry, and physics courses, AP Calculus and AP Physics. He has more than 30 years experience as a tutor and is currently a professional tutor at Bergen Community College. Our tutoring programs are unique because mental preparation and test taking skills are also offered to our clients. You can learn more about our programs and methods by visiting our website,


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Additional Information:

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