Performing Arts – Stage Right

The Need

Feel the spotlight shining on you as you make your debut on the stage.

Like Elvis Presley in his song “I’m All Shook Up,” your knees are shaking and your legs are weak. You can hardly stand on your own two feet. Yet, the audience has gathered to honor your performance. Are you going to let yourself and others down because you lack the mental conditioning skills necessary for your ideal performance?

If your answer to any of the questions below is YES, then you might want to consider joining the performers who elect to EXCEL in obtaining the best outcomes for their efforts.

Take a survey NOW of how you feel:

  • Am I disappointed with the quality of my performances?
  • Do I perform up to my expectation in rehearsal, but freeze up on auditions or performances when the pressure is high?
  • Do I work hard in practice but am frustrated with the results?
  • Is it a challenge to stay motivated to sharpen my talent?
  • Do I know I can do better but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Does my creativity fluctuate in intensity so much that I find myself merely reading the notes, without rhyme or reason?
  • Are fear of failure, lapses in concentration, self-doubt, and self-condemnation getting in my way to reaching my true potential?
  • Does my performance fall flat, like the fizz in a “left out” carbonated beverage, because I am just going through the motions?

Have you had enough of mediocre performances, when you know there is an outstanding one waiting in the wings?

If you have, our program, Stage Right, at The Summit Center for Ideal Performance is the one for you!

Our Program – Stage Right

In our program, you will learn what to do BACK STAGE, before your grand entrance to center stage. There is no need to take drugs that can put a blunt edge on your finely-sharpened skills. When you use mental conditioning skills during your practices and rehearsals, they will become a part of your arsenal to fight the fright you may have experienced in the past.


  • Set performance goals
  • Mentally rehearse your performance
  • Self-talk to aid your performance
  • Relax on stage or off
  • Release your skills and your “voice” automatically
  • Use auto-hypnosis to get into the zone


It won’t take much to imagine just how you will feel when you receive the accolades from the audience, hear the standing ovation, or see the scholarship award in your hands.

Feel the satisfaction deep within your heart and soul that you did the best you could and that you prepared yourself for the big event.

Call NOW, 201-760-1600to schedule an appointment and EXPERIENCE the thrill of it all!