Winning Ways For Wrestlers™

We teach our wrestling clients the tools they need to be successful not only on the mat, but in life, as well. In this sense, our program is unique, comprehensive and holistic. Once learned, these tools are applicable to all challenges in life. Our clients benefit in the following ways by:

  • Improving performance on the mat
  • Gaining the discipline to become champions
  • Raising grades and earning scholarships
  • Getting in “the zone” on their own
  • Learning mindful toughness skills used by Olympic athletes
  • Gaining confidence on and off the mat
  • Learning how to recover rapidly from sports injury
  • De-stressing competition for better focus, and more fun and enjoyment
  • Becoming muscle ready through relaxation to prevent injuries

Through your hard work, I was able to complete my goal of becoming a State Champion. Now I am focusing on what I can control and working on being very clear in the “pressure cooker.” The tools I use on the mat are always right there, A, B, and C. I know what to do and I do it. It really is amazing how much you can accomplish by this. Thank you very much for all that you have taught me  and for helping me grow as a person. Your work gave me light. My mind is steel now and I am the most positive person I know! My friends even say it to me. I can wrestle my way through life and become the champion in anything.

Kevin Mulligan , 2X NJ State Wrestling Champion


Wrestling Is An Ancient Discipline

Athens, 510 BC

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat, depicted in 15,000-year-old drawings in France. Reliefs, such as the one above, show moves still used today. Wrestling was introduced into the ancient Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in 708 BC. It is considered the world’s oldest competitive sport. Greco-Roman wrestling was an event introduced in the first Modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Greco-Roman wrestling came to the United States in the 1904 St.Louis Olympic Games.

The sport of wrestling is a repository of ancient knowledge passed down and improved upon from generation to generation. Wrestlers today carry on this sacred tradition and continue to pass the baton so you can be the best wrestler you were born to be!

Sports arena in Delphi, Greece

The Need

Are you the best you can be? If not, you deserve to be, especially after all the blood, sweat, and tears you exude from the pores of your skin in thousands of wrestling practices and matches.

You are proficient in physically executing your wrestling skills in a match. In fact, you may think of yourself as a top-notch technician. You practiced wrestling skills so many times on the mat that you can execute them in your sleep.

These skills become branded into your subconscious mind for future use. Yet, when the pressure cooker of big competitions heats up your matches, what happens?

Do you rise to the occasion to WIN, or do you FALL, like the Roman Empire? In the last few seconds of the match or in overtime, do you lose focus on winning?

Are you your own worst enemy because you are blind to the WINNER WITHIN YOURSELF?

Hadrian’s Gate, Roman Ruins in Athens Dedicated 131 AD

Rather than losing the match, would you like to become your own best friend by using the power of your mind within you to win the match?

The Facts

It is a fact that in a match between wrestlers of comparable skills, the outcome is decided  by the wrestler who is mindfully tougher, is more focused, and makes better decisions. Although wrestling moves are physical and are performed mechanically by the use of muscles, the mind controls the muscle movement. A wrestler needs to learn that “trying harder” is not the secret to winning.

What will produce the desired results? Coordination of the mind and body will unlock the treasure chest of MindPower that lies within you. Relaxed concentration, above all other skills in wrestling, is the key to success.

Any wrestler, from beginner to advanced, can learn visualization, positive self-talk, mental recall, relaxation, and breathing techniques for success. Many international and collegiate wrestlers and other athletes use these techniques to be successful. Why not you?

 Winning Ways for Wrestlers Program

Our program empowers wrestlers to reach their ideal performances. It has been honed, tested, and proven successful for more than 20 years. A feature article describing this dynamic program appeared in 2011 in the Newark Star-Ledger. It is designed for wrestlers at all levels, from recreational to elite male and female wrestlers in the national and international arena.

There is simply no other program available that is so geared to the special needs of wrestlers. Our one-on-one educational program, which begins with a comprehensive interview and evaluation, is geared towards the wrestler’s individual needs. Dr. Silverstein has relevant academic credentials to make this evaluation and over 20 years of professional experience as a successful  performance coach.

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Features of the Program

  • It is based on scientific research.
  • It uses a whole brain approach, left side for making plans of actions, right side for imagineering success.
  • It uses experiential teaching and learning guided by a seasoned professional performance coach.
  • Unlike other programs that tell you what to do to win, we provide you with real tools to win.
  • We teach “mindful toughness” skills that promote the discipline to become a champion.
  • We provide proven techniques to get you “in the zone” on your own with ease.
  • We teach you to use your MindPower to access the subconscious mind where all your wrestling skills are stored.
  • We teach portable skills you can use both on and off the wrestling mat.
  • We address the unique physical and emotional needs of the wrestler, body, mind, and spirit.
  • We offer guided imagery that promotes rapid healing of sports injuries.

Wrestlers will learn hands-on tools and techniques for:

  • Reaching Personal Goals
  • Setting Up Action Plans for Success
  • Getting In the Zone With Self-Induced Hypnosis and Mindfulness
  • Imagineering With Mental Rehearsal
  • Supporting Positive Self-Talk
  • Achieving Relaxation and Muscle Readiness
  • Sustaining Confidence
  • Evaluating Performance Using The Feedback Loop
  • Maintaining Focus and Concentration

The Introductory 9-Hour Program Includes:

  • Six 90-minute personalized sessions
  • Individualized reinforcement recording upon completion of full program

Other Services Include:

  • Team Sessions
  • Refressher Sessions
  • Advanced Techniques Program for Even Higher Levels of Achievement
  • Parents Program

Our Team Program

Dr. Silverstein works with wrestling teams and coaching staffs to help them meet seasonal team and personal goals. The program consists of group and individual sessions. Consultations with coaches provide guidance for maximizing and sustaining the benefits of the program throughout the season. Coaches are invited to call 201-760-1600 to discuss this innovative program and how it can best be implemented for their team.

Our Parents Program

We have observed over the years that the effectiveness of our mental conditioning program for wrestlers can be considerably enhanced if parents are provided with tools for helping their children deal with both their athletic successes and failures. Often, well-meaning parents are unaware of the powerful influence they have and say things to their children that can inhibit their performance. But, when parents are armed with the support skills that Dr. Silverstein teaches, they can act as partners with their children to make the athletic experience more successful, enjoyable, and educational. Parents of children who have completed our athletics program or are currently participants are invited to discuss this innovative program and how it can best be implemented to support their child and put them in the driver’s seat

It is time for you to go to the next level of achievement and discover the great power within your mind

PIN down success!

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