Winning Ways for Teens™

A Road Map for Success


As parents, would you like to help your teens learn how to help  themselves?

Do you feel anxious about your teen’s ability to deal with life challenges?

Are you concerned that your teen is not reaching his/her full potential?

Do you feel frustrated about your ability to consistently deal with your teen?

Would you like to feel more secure in knowing your teen is ready to sit in the driver’s seat?

You can alleviate your concerns by encouraging your teenager to participate in Winning Ways For Teens, a unique educational program designed for them, with their personal psychological needs in mind.

How This Program Differs From Others

  •  It is based on a Performance Model that high achievers use, rather than on a medical model that focuses on diagnosable conditions.
  •  It provides skills consistent with normal teen brain development that allow for leaps in cognition and adaptability.
  • These skills are fun and easy to learn and implement in real life situations.
  •  It provides access to the extraordinary power of the mind to visualize and achieve positive outcomes.

The Teen Brain

The development of the human brain from the teen years through adulthood is a natural and evolutionary process, despite the concerns of parents and teens alike. The adult brain is not developed completely until about age 24. The journey from teenager to independent adult is often  challenging, involving the need to adjust to new and changing circumstances as inevitable detours and roadblocks are encountered. All the while, the demand for excellence dominates the landscape.

Winning Ways For Teens is a program that aligns with  the teen developing brain by providing navigational tools so that teenagers can confidently and successfully chart their own course through this important transition in their lives. This unique educational program uses a whole-brained approach, combining the strengths of both the left and right brain and results in “mindful toughness” that helps to translate action plans into positive outcomes.

Work with Dr, Silverstein to achieve success in academics, athletics, performing arts, and social development.

 Your Teen Will Learn Tools For:

  •  Reaching personal goals
  • Setting up action plans for success
  • Getting in the zone with self-hypnosis
  • Imagineering with mental rehearsal
  • Using positive self-talk
  •  Achieving relaxation and mindfulness
  •  Feeling comfortable in their own skin
  •  Building confidence

Winning Ways for Teens – Program Overview

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Take the first step NOW to learn new lifetime skills for success

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  • Free 15-minute phone or email consultation
  • Six 90-minute personalized sessions
  • Individualized reinforcement CD upon completion of full program
  • Group sessions available
  • Math SAT/ACT, AP Physics 1&2, High School Math Subjects – private tutoring available through our affiliate SAT/ACT Math Express


Dr. Silverstein works well with teenagers… She worked with my teenage nephew and was able to activate his mind-spirit to perform any task with confidence, diligence, positive thinking, and to prepare an outcome for success. I believe that any teenager would be so helped and made to feel important, worthy, and cared about, and the skills provided would stay in their minds and be a  source of help and remediation throughout their entire life.

Through your hard work, I was able to complete my goal of becoming a State Champion. Now I am focusing on what I can control and working on being very clear in the “pressure cooker.” The tools I use on the mat are always right there, A, B, and C. I know what to do and I do it. It really is amazing how much you can accomplish by this. Thank you very much for all that you have taught me  and for helping me grow as a person. Your work gave me light. My mind is steel now and I am the most positive person I know! My friends even say it to me. I can wrestle my way through life and become the champion in anything.

Kevin Mulligan, 2X NJ State Wrestling Champion