Sports Performance

The Need

Imagine that it is the last few seconds of the basketball game, and you are in a position to prove your worth.

What happens next? The team depends on you to score from the free throw line. You not only miss the hoop, but you also miss your chance to score. You feel like you let yourself and the team down. You don’t know what you can do to help yourself…so you don’t do anything. The next game you repeat the same grand finale once again. What goes around, comes around.

Once again, imagine this scenario. You are playing golf with your friends on a beautiful day. They are seemingly joking around with you, saying that you are going to miss the putt. Your score had been, up to this time, your best of the season. But now, as you approach the green, you begin to doubt yourself, and you sabotage your efforts. Sure enough, you miss the putt by a few inches. Your friends were right. Now your concentration is off, along with your shot. Your game is not up to par, and you don’t know how to improve it.

To take out your aggression over the loss, you’ll hit a tree with your club…or maybe you’ll suffer from heartburn while you swallow your pride until the next time.

Whatever the sport, the physical aspects of the game are important. But you know that the mental aspects are equally essential for success. For example, you must know how to swing a bat to hit a home run. But when you step up to the plate, you must have the confidence to hit and the focus to recognize the pitch. Without mental “toughness” to add to your repertoire of skills when hitting, you will not make it to first base.

Why is that?

It is observable that in competition between two equally skilled athletes, the one with the better mental skills is the one who usually wins. You may have noticed that difference maker in all the top athletes you have watched on TV over the years. When you are viewing the game as a spectator, part of the thrill of the game is that the players are highly skilled, but you don’t know ahead of time which one will score or which one will be mentally tougher.

Note that relaxed concentration, above all other skills in sports, is the key to success. Every Olympian knows this fact. That is why they practice and incorporate mental conditioning into their performances. They want to be the best.

At the Summit Center for Ideal Performance, you can learn the same mental skills that champions use to win.

Our Program for Athletes

Our sports program has guided many athletes to reach their ideal performances. Our approach has been honed, tested, and proven successful over the 22 years of its existence. It has helped athletes at all levels to be successful, from beginning athletes in town recreation programs to elite athletes at the national and international level.

There is simply no other program available that is so geared to your individual needs as an athlete. We teach our athletes the tools to be successful. Once learned and ingrained into your psyche, these skills can assist you with life challenges on and off the playing field.

Our program is designed to provide the client with all of the tools necessary to be successful without additional sessions. An advanced program is also available to bring the athlete to even higher levels of achievement. Refresher sessions can be arranged in advance of important events, if desired.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to be successful at WINNING
  • How to improve focus and concentration
  • How to block out distractions and negative comments from others
  • How to have fun while playing
  • How to relax while playing
  • How to learn from your mistakes
  • How to gain confidence in yourself
  • How to use mental rehearsal
  • How to achieve success by mentally recalling the past
  • How to use positive self-talk to support yourself

Obtain “Gold Medal” Benefits From Our Program.

Imagine yourself as the winner, standing on the podium, as you receive the gold medal. Your win was not just a fluke. You prepared yourself to do your best, and you are ready NOW for a repeat performance in the next competition.

THE PLAYOFF IS THE PAYOFF. Hear the applause! Congratulations. You deserve it!

How To Turn Errors Into Wins

Our Team Program

Dr. Silverstein works with athletic teams and coaching staffs to help them meet seasonal team and personal goals. The program consists of group and individual sessions. Consultations with coaches provide guidance for maximizing and sustaining the benefits of the program throughout the season. Coaches are invited to call to discuss this innovative program and how it can best be implemented for their team.

Our Parents Program

We have observed over the years that the effectiveness of our mental conditioning program for athletes can be considerably enhanced if parents are provided with tools for helping their children deal with both their athletic successes and failures. Often, well-meaning parents are unaware of the powerful influence they have and say things to their children that can inhibit their performance. But, when parents are armed with the support skills that Dr. Silverstein teaches, they can act as partners with their children to make the athletic experience more successful, enjoyable, and educational. Parents of children who have completed our program or are currently participants are invited to discuss this innovative program and how it can best be implemented to support their child.

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Additional Information:

How Wrestlers Can Become Mentally Tougher

Although this article is written about wrestling, it describes the basic principles that provide the foundation for the success of our program. It appeared in Dr. Silverstein’s column, Getting The Edge, in The National High School Wrestling News, the wrestling journal of the National High School Coaches Association.